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An Assessment of the New Tanzanian Media Laws of 2015

The Government of Tanzania has recently introduced four bills concerning media freedom...


The 2015 John Oliver Manyarara Memorial Lecture

The role of the judiciary in establishing a societal balance between media freedom and...


Angola: Suspended Jail Sentence Bolsters Angolan Journalist's Determination to Carry On

A court in Angola has sentenced an award-winning Angolan journalist to a six-month...

Internet for the poor

Why don’t most South Africans use the Internet? The most common answers, if you ask them, are: a lack of access (to devices like computers or smart phones, and to networks that you need to connect), not knowing how to use the Internet and the costs of using it.
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Why Sapa closed

The sad closure at the end of March 2015 of the South African Press Association (Sapa) wire service, the county’s oldest news agency, was inevitable. And there’s little doubt it was written on Member-owners’ boardroom walls long before it was spelled out at the wire service itself.
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