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Government Secrecy in an Information Age Report & Children’s Declaration on ATI launched

Namibia once again made history in the field of freedom of expression when a Children’s...


Africa Freedom of Information Centre to Launch State of Right to Information in Africa 2014 Report

The State of Right to Information in Africa Report 2014 provides accounts of the...


Uganda: Uganda journalist told to pay fine or face jail

A Ugandan journalist was fined and ordered to pay damages or face jail on Friday after he...


Ethiopia: Long jail sentences for three magazine owners

They fled the country before the trial and were convicted in absentia

Empowering Our Whistleblowers

By Gabriella Razzano
In 2010 the Open Democracy Advice Centre undertook a comprehensive review of the state of whistleblowing in South Africa, entitled " The Status of Whistleblowing (2010). Three years on, the whistleblowing landscape is due another review. Research demonstrates that progress has not merely halted in the current context, but that in fact South Africa appears increasingly hostile to whistleblowing activities. Download/View Publication (PDF)


By Karen Rothmyer
When Narasimhan Ram, then editor-in-chief of The Hindu, announced the appointment of the paper’s first ombudsman in 2006, he said that among the objectives of the appointment were to institutionalise self-regulation, improve standards, and strengthen the bonds between the paper and its readers. Download/View Publication (PDF)