What we do

With our partners in Africa we are working for a media environment, which contributes to freedom of expression and information, good governance and the realization of human rights.

fesmedia Africa promotes media freedom, access to information and the diversity of an independent media in Africa.

fesmedia Africa…

… supports
continental and national campaigns on the right to information as crucial to the realization of political and socioeconomic rights

… advances
the concept of media self-regulation and the creation of self-regulatory bodies as a precondition for a responsible and independent media sector

… lobbies for
the transformation and reform of national broadcasters into true public service broadcasters providing relevant and quality programming and information as well as platforms for democratic dialogue

… facilitates

the African Media Barometer (AMB) as a self-assessment tool of media monitoring based on home grown criteria derived from African protocols and declarations

… furthers
diverse communication and information platforms and relevant content

… strengthens
the awareness of parliaments for the necessity of adequate media legislation for a democratic control of governments and state institutions