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Zimbabwe takeover: Difficulties of navigating the media jungle

Where to find the right information about the military coup in Zimbabwe? As Zimbabweans...


World Trends in Freedom of Expression and Media Development

Across the world, journalism is under fire. While more individuals have access to content...

Mobiles alters the digital divide - but to what extent?

The high cost of data, digital literacy and old technology on mobile phones continue to hamper the closing of the digital divide on the African continent. A new discussion about the digital divide is needed to address urban/rural divisions, so that, when we talk of closing the gap due to widespread use of mobile we need to look closely at what kind of access marginalized groups have.
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Internet for the poor

Why don’t most South Africans use the Internet? The most common answers, if you ask them, are: a lack of access (to devices like computers or smart phones, and to networks that you need to connect), not knowing how to use the Internet and the costs of using it.
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