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19.09.2017 09:40 Age: 89 days
Category: Media Matters

Celebrating Universal Access to Information Day

This year SAHA is participating in two big events hosted on 28 September, Universal Access to Information Day.

On the morning of 28 September 2017 SAHA will be participating in a celebration of Universal Access to Information Day, co-hosted by the South African Human Rights Commission, the Information Regulator and the Open Democracy Advice Centre (ODAC). In the evening SAHA will be co-hosting, along with the National Institute for Humanities and Social Sciences (NIHSS) and Constitution Hill, a debate on law and the justice system in South Africa.
Celebrating Universal Access to Information Day

Events at this celebration will be focused on:

    Achieving a better understanding of mandatory compliance obligations in the Promotion of Access to Information Act (PAIA);
    Understanding the importance and benefits of proactive disclosure;
    Establishing a multi-stakeholder network for asssitance and benchmarking of best practices to improve PAIA implementation; and
    Learning how public and private institutions can integrate access to information and the regulation of personal information into their operational planning.

A Public Debate on Law and the Justice System in South Africa

Advocate Dumisa Ntsebeza, SAHA's Chairperson, and Professor Steve Friedman, the academic and columnist, will kick-start this public debate which promises to be enganging and thought provoking.    
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