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Universal Access To Information

Invitation [more]

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Free Expression Media Regulation - A fine balance -

The ultimate goal for regulating media should be to protect and deepen the fundamental right of all citizens to express themselves freely.[more]

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Investigative journalism project launched

A new and unique Investigative Journalism (IJ) project has been launched in Harare with the view to expose the growing cancer of corruption which is reportedly costing the country billions of dollars in lost revenue.[more]

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"Reflections: International Day for the Universal Access to Information".

Friday September 16th, 2016 8h00 - 13h00 Safari Hotel, Windhoek [more]

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Universal Access to Information

About the Day 2016 is the first year of UNESCO marking 28 September as the “International Day for Universal Access to Information” (IDUAI). On 17 November 2015, UNESCO adopted a resolution (38 C/70) declaring 28 September of...[more]

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It is with great sorrow that fesmedia Africa of the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung (FES) announces the passing of our cherished colleague and friend, Peter Schellschmidt.

Peter died on 7 June 2016 at the age of 71 after a long battle with cancer.[more]

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Regulation threats worry editors' forum

THE Editors' Forum of Namibia (EFN) has expressed concern that although Namibia continues to fare very well in Africa and the world in terms of press freedom, elements of harassment and regulation could threaten the status quo.[more]

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World Bank's access to info move worries civil societies

THE African Platform on Access to Information working group and other civil society organisations have written to the World Bank to express concern about the downgrade on the global right to information agenda.[more]

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Human Rights and Information in Africa: A reflection on trends

One in three people on the planet is an Internet user.1 It has emerged as a new lived space and reality for citizens, and thus also a new space in which human rights has to be considered. In the early days of the Internet, many...[more]

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MISA documentary highlights free expression struggles in southern Africa

Freedom of expression is one of the cornerstones of all democratic systems.[more]

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