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Access to Information in Africa on the Move: How far has Namibia Come?

The APAI Declaration, both endorsed in 2011 by the African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights and adopted at the Pan African Conference on Access to Information, further promoted a movement for the advancement of information access on the continent and beyond. Access to information (ATI) has become an increasingly salient political and governance subject in Namibia over the last five years. Namibia is on the cusp of formalising a national ATI framework; it is therefore central to understand the current state of ATI policy and legislative initiatives.

Delegates who attended the ACTION/ fesmedia Africa access to information (ATI) Breakfast meeting with APAI working group members.
Access to information is increasingly being recognised as a catalyst for development.

Discussions at the ATI meeting were centered around challenges faced in developing and implementing access to information legislature in Namibia (and Africa), and the sharing of ideas on how to overcome such challenges.    

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