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Schellschmidt, Peter

Das "African Media Barometer" - ein Instrument zur Selbsteinschätzung der Freiheit von Meinung und Medien in Afrika


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African media barometer

intermediate analysis of first AMB processes in 16 countries 2005/6

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African media barometer

the first home grown analysis of the media landscape in Africa : Tanzania 2006

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Schellschmidt, Peter

The African media barometer (AMB)

a new instrument in media development cooperation

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Schellschmidt, Peter

Das Afrika Medien-Barometer (AMB)

ein neues Instrument in der Medien-Entwicklungszusammenarbeit

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Bussiek, Hendrik

Long walks to media freedom

case studies and lessons learnt from countries in transition from authoritarian rule to democracy

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African Media Barometer

Our flagship African Media Barometer provides a home grown analysis of the health of the media landscape across 31 countries in Africa. more

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The breakfast meetings aim to enable civil society and other actors to articulate, represent and advance their interests and causes to effectively influence policies and policy-making. more

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