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Ever wondered what you are actually agreeing to when you tick the agree to terms and conditions buttons of your favourite social media tools? Turns out quite a lot. So much in fact, that we teamed up with a legal expert to help us break it up so we can see how it impacts our core rights. To begin with, we have started with only the big five, but as time goes on we intend to add more. So if you have a request for terms and conditions that you would like analysed, please let us know. If we get enough requests, you'll soon see them here!

Photo: Tease & Seize

Photo: Tease & Seize

It is common knowledge that users rarely engage with the Terms and Conditions presented by social networking sites and online service providers, ignorant of the fact that continued use of a site often forms the basis of an enforceable contract between user and service provider. There is a concern that such lack of engagement may result in users relinquishing or compromising certain rights.

To stem these impacts MMA and Digital Law aim to provide an easily understandable guide to reading Terms and Conditions. The guide will cover the following aspects: what are users expected to do; what user rights may be impacted by agreeing to certain Terms and Conditions; how severely such rights are impacted; privacy implications for users; the need for Terms and Conditions, privacy policies and cookie policies. We will provide simplified versions of Terms and Conditions, privacy and cookie policies of the five major social media platforms: Facebook; WhatsApp; Instagram; Twitter and Google.

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